Traci | Ocala

July-12-2018 Bark busters rating

Working with Casey and training my fur babies has been a great experience. He is knowledgeable and patient. Learning that it is ME who needs the training more than my dogs.


Kristin | Eustis

July-04-2018 Bark busters rating

My husband and I were able to see major, positive results after just one appointment with Casey. I do believe it really is training the owners more than the pets! Daisy was very attentive to the training and caught on very quickly. I highly recommend Bark Busters!

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Patti | Tavares

March-14-2017 Bark busters rating

Bark Busters was exactly what I needed to help understand my little pack and to help us communicate with each other. Within one visit, I saw a difference in the dogs and in me! I became much more confident in letting them know what I expected and they became less anxious because they could understand me. I can't suggest Bark Busters highly enough. 100% satisfied.

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Margaret | Summerfield

October-22-2016 Bark busters rating

Our unruly boisterous puppy is now a happy (mostly ) well behaved companion. WE adopted him last October after losing our sweet thirteen year old lab/ husky mix. We thought for a while we had bit off a bit much, because it was a real challenge. Enter Bark Busters. I had used them ten years ago in Charleston SC and looked in the phone book. So I referred myself . But this company is amazing at the continuity and consistency between areas. We definitely recommend this company and especially this office. Annette & Casey are great. We love the Lifetime membership. If we have issues, or more probably when we do, we will be calling them again.

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Margaret | Summerfield

October-18-2016 Bark busters rating

Bark Busters is a miracle . I had used the service in Folly Beach SC about ten years ago . When we lost our twelve year old Husky /Lab mix last August we were devastated . But we wanted to grieve first and then get the right new dog. Jim and I got our Catahoula Leopard Dog a year ago. Having a young energetic puppy was a real challenge after our laid back old friend . So I immediately thought of Bark Busters . Annette and Casey are magicians . We are now enjoying the company of our special friend , since we have been reminded how to treat him. Of course he's not perfect . But he's close! We especially appreciate the fact that a Bark Busters contract is good for the life of the dog . If any new issues arise (or if we back slide on his discipline ) we know who to call ! Thanks Annette and Casey. We'll be telling all our friends who to call Maggie Attaya

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KAREN | Mount Dora

July-23-2016 Bark busters rating

I love German Shepherds. My last Shepherd, who I loved dearly, however, had "behavior problems." When she passed this last November, I knew I wanted/needed a new companion. I brought home my little eight week old ShadowKat and I knew I was in trouble. He was so cute; I was soooo in love with him. How could I discipline such a wonderful dog. After he spent time at his vet's "getting fixed," I was "highly recommended" to call Bark Busters. (Imagine my surprise) Casey came to my home, and within five minutes, ShadowKat was not trying to "break out of" his kennel. In twenty minutes, he was a little gentleman, waiting till his door open than walking out and waiting to be greeted. OK-I was hooked. Since than, ShadowKat has learned to heel (with or without (ok mostly) his leash. He walks on leash without pulling, he waits away from the front door until he is invited to come greet our guests. All in all--he is doing quite well. ShadowKat (now seven months old and 70 pounds) will be trained for service. He is already working on bracing me to help me up. He has a ways to go, but with Casey by our sides, I am sure this endeavor will be successful. Casey is wonderful. He has the patience few people possess to not only deal with ShadowKat but also my dogs' humans--who take longer to get the idea than ShadowKat does! Casey comes to the house and works within my work schedule. He spends all the time necessary (and then some) for us to get the skill set down. We get homework--but don't get berated if we did not practice as much as we should have. We got a lot of praise and "at-a-girls" if things go well. (I know, praise the dog...but human praise is good, too!) All in all, I can't recommend Casey at Barkbusters Highly Enough. Training has become fun and easier because of him/them.

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Robbi | Ocklawaha

June-05-2016 Bark busters rating

Casey is awesome! I called Bark Busters because my fur baby, Sparkle, would not stop nipping me. By the end of the first session, Casey taught me how to control this behavior and she has not nipped since. In subsequent sessions, we were able to master leash walking, greeting visitors (without scaring them), greeting mom and dad (without jumping), and overall allowing me to be the decision maker. The techniques that we have learned are so effective and can be applied to many different situations- and we accomplished all of this without stuffing her full of treats or using any type of punitive actions. I am amazed at how easy it has been to communicate with her, now that I know the proper techniques for doing so. Thank you so much Casey and Bark Busters!! You Rock!!!

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Eileen | The Villages

June-03-2016 Bark busters rating

Casey worked with me and my dog Daryl to help manage the dog's behavior. Daryl was adopted and initially appeared aggressive with other dogs and toward strangers. He is a boxer mix, so very strong when he pulled on the lead. Within a short time, first 2 or 3 sessions, Casey had taught me how to manage Daryl so that I was more in control. Here it is June, only 4 months later, and Daryl has qualified for his Good Canine Citizen (GCC) certificate. Casey is a very likable young man (and handsome too), but most importantly of all, he worked wonders with my dog Daryl, and taught me how to be the leader my dog needs me to be.

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Harriet | The Villages

May-31-2016 Bark busters rating

Ann is nothing sort of a miracle,worker! I adopted a beautiful dapple mini doxie the agency had no information on him at all except not to approach him directly. I poo pooed that. I have trained my own dogs all my life- from rhodesian ridge backs to German shepards to standard doxies. So I had no concerns about training Maxie who weights 10'pounds. Can you say oh no she did't. After three long greuling weeks of Maxie 487 me O, I knew I needed professional help, and fast. I found Bark Busters and Ann and there was a flash and after one lesson we were able to pet him. Have him come when called.and just be more attentive. He no longer backed away from us in fear when we approached him. By lesson two he was learning sit and stay. Anne has been a real blessing to Max and my family. She explains very well, provides you with training aides and educational materials. She is the Mary Poppins on the dog world. I recommend her highly.

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May-27-2016 Bark busters rating


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Christie | Yalaha

July-11-2015 Bark busters rating

I absolutely love Casey! After just the first lesson my puppy has improved by so much it's like she is a different dog!!! She is so much better with her jumping on people and walking with me on the leash that I almost can't believe that she is the same puppy!! It makes me so happy to take her out and show others how much better behaved she is and I can't wait for her next lesson and her continued improvements!!! I would highly recommend Bark Busters and Casey in particular for training your dog or puppy!! They are the greatest for coming to my home ( I can't drive) and working one on one with me and my puppy!!!

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