Yesterday was our annual ‘Vet Appreciation Day’ for the hard-working veterinarians in the area. We like to maintain good relationships with the area vets. We often work hand-in-hand with them when it comes to solving complex behavioral issues. Sometimes a dog can have both medical and behavioral issues, so it’s important we’re able to gain their input in certain cases, many of which they’ve referred to us.


We teamed up with local baker/business Fifi’s Cakes and More who created several
BEA-U-TI-FUL holiday treat platters that we took and delivered to a handful of vet offices throughout our territory.


It was our little way of showing appreciating and saying ‘Thank You’ to the dedicated professionals who take care of our canine companions.


In addition to the treat platters, I created this fun little holiday poem for them, mirrored after the beloved ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem. I thought I’d include it here for you to enjoy as well!


’Twas the days before Christmas when all through the car, 
Bark Busters was loaded with treats to deliver for vets near and far;
The vet techs wrestled with naughty dogs all day
While they pleaded with them to PLEASE sit and stay!
And the doc with her stethoscope and white lab coat
Despite the naughty dogs she still did dote;
When out in the lobby she heard some good cheer, 
Bark Busters with cookie platters suddenly appeared!
Off to the break room she raced like a hound
A glorious holiday tray with the staff gathered round;
Cookies and brownies and bars of all kind
The hard working staff were delighted to find;
2020 had proven a most difficult year
The sight of such delights was met with good cheer;
Vet recs help keep our business alive
To thank them all we sure do strive!
In Clermont, Mt. Dora, The Villages, too;
Leesburg and Ocala, can’t forget about you!
“Thanks, Eastside! And Shamrock and Country Oaks Vet;
All with the nicest staff we’ve ever met!
We appreciate you much more than just a smidge!
But wait, can’t leave Leesburg Animal Clinic out;
From the rooftops a huge, ‘THANK YOU!’ we’ll shout!”
So onward 2021 awaits
I know we’re all hoping for much better fates;
And with these fabulous vets by our side,
We’ll continue to serve the canine community with pride;
Happy dogs and happy families is the Bark Busters way
“Training both ends of the leash”, as we like to say!
Aggression, barking, and puppies that chew
No matter the issue, we can help you;
As our vets take some time for a well-deserved rest,
We hope you’ll continue to recommend us as the best.
As we all put 2020 out of our sight,
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and to all a good night! 


You can see photos of the drool-worthy cookie platters on our FB page as well as a photo of the letter I included to our vets.


And to you, our loyal clients, industry workers, and dog lovers, we wish you a very Merry Christmas as well! Wishing blessings upon you and your families this holiday season.


Wag more,
Ann, Casey, and Haley Heathman

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