The other day I sent out an email about what factors you need to consider before bringing home a new dog. 


I want to touch on this issue a little more today as well. 


You might or might not be aware, but Bark Busters is an international company with franchises all over the world. 


One of the great things about being part of nationwide dog training network is that if I ever have a particularly challenging dog that I’m having difficulty rehabilitating, I can call a fellow trainer who’s been trained in the same methods that I have and get ideas from them about other techniques to try. 


I can even call Home Office and get the expertise of the company owners, Heather and Carl, who are a treasure trove of information and insight and are more than happy to spend 45 minutes or more discussing any issues I may be having. 


I mention all of this because it’s due to our being a national franchise that we’re able to offer something other dog trainers can’t — our Life of the Dog Guarantee. 


The guarantee goes with the dog wherever the dog is and no matter how much time has passed since we last trained him. 


Normally this Lifetime Guarantee isn’t needed since we train both sides of the leash. That is, we train the owners how to train their dogs. By the time we finish our training, our clients have lots of techniques up their sleeve to control their dog’s behavior. 


But there are 2 circumstances I come across in which our Life of the Dog Guarantee comes in handy. 


First, since we live in Florida and in an active retirement community, there’s a constant influx of new residents moving down from up North, either seasonally or who are making The Villages and surrounding areas their new home.


They, of course, bring their dogs with them as well. But in the new environment with new sights, new sounds, and new surroundings, some dogs don’t make the adjustment very well. 


They might start to act out, barking constantly or exhibiting signs of anxiety at their unfamiliar surroundings and becoming destructive. 


Thanks to our Life of the Dog Guarantee, they’re able to call me, even though I wasn’t the trainer who initially trained their dog, and we can get them back on track and address any of these new issues that may have cropped up. 


The second instance in which our Lifetime Guarantee becomes useful is in the scenario I described in my last email — when you introduce a new dog into the home. 


Any time a dog’s circumstances change, there’s a risk that their behavior might change as well. 


Introducing a new dog into the home is certainly a big change in a dog’s life. If you don’t take heed of the 6 criteria I outlined in my previous email, then there’s a serious risk that sibling rivalry issues can crop up.


Your old dog that was used to ruling the roost in their nice comfortable surroundings now all of a sudden has to compete with this new bundle of energy and they might not appreciate it.


In this instance, you can think of our Life of the Dog Guarantee as a “Get Out of Jail Free” card where you can just call us up, hand in your card and say we need your help again, and we’ll be happy to come back out and address the issue. 


This is why I’m proud to be part of the Bark Busters franchise and be able to offer this guarantee that no other trainer in the area can offer.


Wag more,


Ann Heathman

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