Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. This is one of those holidays you either love or you hate. 


Or maybe you love to hate it. 


I remember back when my kids were in grade school it was customary to get the Valentine’s Day card kits and pass out cards to everyone in class. It was always a big deal which card theme you picked out. 


Did you want to go with Thundercats or Hello Kitty? Mickey Mouse or Hot Wheels? 


The card kits always had super cheesy one-liners on them. 


For instance, a Superman card had the line, “Valentine, you are a SPECIAL friend!”


A Minnie Mouse card offered such inspiration as “Valentine, I’m here for you!” to its lucky recipient. 


So what cheesy Valentines do you think dogs would give each other if they were into the whole Valentine’s Day thing? 


I thought of a few: 


— My heart woofs for you, Valentine!

— Yours is the only butt I want to sniff, Valentine. 

— Let’s go chase squirrels together!

— My Hooman is my Valentine.

— Valentine, you’re the Bestest Boy!

— Valentine, you’re the Goodest Girl!

— I only have puppy dog eyes for you, Valentine. 

— Valentine, you make my tail wag.


And if dogs were to give each other a Valentine’s Day gift, they wouldn’t give each other those chalky candy hearts or a mass-produced box of chocolate (dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate anyway!). 


No, they’d give the wuv of their life their own personalized doggy meal plan with Ollie. 


Here’s what Ollie does — Ollie takes into account the breed, age, and weight of your pup along with a few other factors and creates a fully customized meal plan for your dog so they can reach or maintain their ideal weight and health.


I like it because it’s made with only fresh, human-grade ingredients and the meals ship directly to your door. Not that I want to admit it, but as you age it becomes ever more difficult to haul those big bags of dog food from the store to your door.


So if you want to give your Bestest Boy or Goodest Girl a special Valentine of their own, now’s the time to do it. 


They’re offering a Valentine’s Day intro special this weekend where you can get 50% off your first order through my link only (the promo special on their website only gives you 20% off). 


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Show your furry Valentine your love for them with their own personalized meals tailored just for them. Take advantage of their 50% off special while it lasts at the link below:


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Wag More,

Ann Heathman 

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