It’s easy for us to get stuck into our own little bubbles and routines.


Routines just make life easier for most of us. It helps us avoid making one more decision, one less thing to think about, one less item to research, one less thing cluttering our mind and vying for our attention. 


But every now and again, it’s good to shake things up. 


There’s a difference between a routine and a rut. If we have too much routine in our lives, we often say we’ve become stuck in a rut. Once you discover something you like, it’s hard to break away from it. 


But I did something different today for a change. In my effort to be more active and adhere to my New Year’s Resolution about diet and exercise, I decided to switch up my usual walking path. 


Normally I’ll park off of Canal Street in Lake Sumter Landing and walk along the boardwalk and back admiring the scenery along the way. 


Today I decided to check and see if there were any other scenic walking trails nearby. That’s how I happened upon Lake Okahumpka Park.


Located off of Hwy 44 in Wildwood, Lake Okahumpka Park is a quietly serene park with surprisingly lots to do.


I decided to head there after I saw on their site that they have over 1+ mile of paved walking trails. Fabulous! Just what I wanted. 


What I didn’t expect was everything else —the endless sea of old Florida oaks adorned with cascading ribbons of Spanish moss as my vista, a satisfactory fitness circuit along the walking trail, a 9-hole frisbee golf course, a boat/kayak/canoe launch, a children’s playground, picnic pavilions and, yes, a dog park. 


The dog park was a fenced in enclosure with a bench conveniently situated under the shade of the large oak that sits at the center of the park. 


It’s not the largest dog park and there didn’t appear to be separate pens for large dogs and small dogs, but if you’re looking for somewhere new to take your dog (and yourself), this place is definitely worth checking out. 


You can, of course, walk your dog on the walking trails as well. But if your dog needs to run her little legs and fetch a few balls, it’s nice to have both options. 


It’s important to be sure that your dog is getting an appropriate amount of exercise each day. A large number of dog behavior issues stem from a dog not getting enough exercise and finding his own creative ways of letting off energy. 


If you generally avoid walking your dog in public places because you can’t control her, contact us, we can help. 


If you can’t take your dog to a dog park because she “doesn’t play well with others”, contact us, we can help. 


No need for you or your dog to live the hermit life because you’re afraid of what your dog will do in public. Help your dog become a model canine citizen and contact Bark Busters today. 


Wag more, 


Ann Heathman 

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