I read an article the other day. 


Apparently Dish Network started offering DogTV as a premium channel for its subscribers a little while back. For the low price of just $4.99/month, you can have a dedicated TV channel with content made just for your dog. 


This is geared towards pet owners who work most of the day and feel guilty leaving their pet home all alone while they’re gone. 


From their website:


DOGTV keeps your dog company when you’re away from home. With the television on, the dog will feel less alone, and therefore will feel better. DOGTV is the perfect babysitter for your dog! 


Hmm, ok. Do go on… 


Dogs left home alone for hours get lonely, stressed, and anxious. Help your dog be happier with the right audiovisual therapy – that’s what DOGTV’s scientifically designed content is for!”


Well, I gotta say, I do agree with the first part of that statement. Dogs do get bored and when left alone they can get stressed out and anxious. But I’m not so sure plopping them down in front of a TV is going to help them. 


Curious, however, I decided to check out some reviews in case my BS detector happened to be wrong about this. 


With nary an effort, I stumbled upon this gem of a review. 


The reviewer describes her dog as “the light of my life, the joy of my heart” and therefore “just the sort of sucker who would purchase DogTV”. 


However, her little fur baby was having none of it.


Aside from some mild interest in blobs of light moving around the screen accompanied by “bonging” noises, Abby refused to watch DogTV.


The reviewer was also fairly dismayed by the blatant sexism on display on the channel. She continues, 


Good girl” happens to be one of Abby’s favorite phrases. But “good boy” is meaningless to her. And, unfortunately, that’s all you hear on DogTV because it is unrelievedly sexist and refers to all dogs, even those who are obviously female (and with dogs, it’s not hard to tell), as “good boy.


Alas, what is this world coming to when even DogTV can’t escape the rampant sexism that is plaguing our country [she asked tongue in cheek]?


You know what isn’t sexist and actually does relieve your dog of boredom while you’re away? 


The Game Changer dog toy we offer exclusively at Bark Busters. 


I mean, if you have $5/month to burn on something that is nothing more than a novelty, go right ahead.


But for about the price of a steak dinner you can give your dog an innovative toy that will keep your dog mesmerized, engaged, and occupied while you’re away. 


Peace of mind for you (no worrying what fun surprise you’re going to come home to after work thanks to your bored dog) and an effective, scientifically-tested, and vet/trainer-approved toy for your dog. 


Time’s running out. There’s only a couple more days to get the Game Changer while I’m feeling generous and passing along my Bark Busters discount to you. 


If you want the real deal and no gimmicks, email me today and I’ll get you set up right away. 


Wag more, 


Ann Heathman

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