I knew as soon as I walked in the door. 


I spotted the glaring, telltale white ball of fluff that looked like a big cotton ball in the middle of the floor.


Conspicuously absent was my Aussie Shepherd, Duke, who was normally happily shaking and butt-wagging as I walked through the door. 


I took a few more steps. That’s when I saw it. 


Partially hidden by the sofa when you walk in the door, I now fully saw what my dog had done and why he hadn’t greeted me at the door. 


There was Duke, lying on the floor, happily gnawing at the new plush toy I’d given to him before leaving for the morning. Surrounding him was what appeared to be a whole sea of plush stuffing strewn all about the living room as Duke had no doubt been showing that new toy who was boss the entire time I was gone. 


Who knew that such a little toy could fit So. Much. Stuffing inside of it? 


It looked like a big stuffing bomb had gone off in my home, with the epicenter directly in my living room but with bits and pieces of polyester fill widening the blast radius all throughout the house whenever I turned the corner. 


Duke, Thrasher of Toys, was contentedly lying on his throne of stuffing while making sure there was absolutely nothing remaining of his long dead toy that could possibly come back to life to threaten him or his hoomans ever again. 


Duke always made quick work of those plush toys. Even the so-called “indestructible” toys were no match for Duke. Indestructible to Duke meant it might take him a whole 2 minutes to demolish the toy instead of just the usual 30 seconds. 


That’s when I remembered the Game Changer we offer at Bark Busters. 


It’s a 2 part hollow rubber disc with holes in top that make it look like a flattened bowling ball. You open up the disc and fill it with some kibble and put it back together. Then you drop it on the floor and watch your dog go at it as he tries to free the little kibble bites from their rubber prison.


I ended up getting one for Duke, who loved it. He’d paw at it, push it around with his nose, flip it over, get a few bites of kibble out, then start whining and yipping at it as he looked plaintively over to me for help, knowing there was still some tasty treats left in there for him. 


It kept him busy for hours. Not only that, but since the toy is made of thick, durable rubber, there’s no way even Duke the Thrasher could destroy this toy. 


If you’ve ever experienced something similar to the above, then I can’t recommend this toy enough. 


And lucky for you guys, I’m passing on my Bark Busters discount to you all. From now until Sunday, February 9th, you can save $5 (that’s 15%) when you order direct from me.


You can view the toy here at the link below, but the only way you save is if you reply to this email and let me know so I can order it for you and save you some moola.


GameChanger® Dog Toy and behavioral tool to help keep your dog entertained for hours.


If you have a Thrasher in your life, you better get your hot hands on this offer before it expires. I’m not sure when or if I’ll get around to offering it again. 


Wag more, 


Ann Heathman

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