If you’re like me, you feel like an outcast when you say you don’t care for football and couldn’t care less who wins the Super Bowl. 

My daughter and granddaughter were visiting me for a couple weeks this past fall and she had football turned on every Sunday, Thursday, and Monday night. Like a good mom, I tolerated it even though I was missing some of my favorite shows while she had sportsball on at all hours.

So if you and your furry friend are looking for something to do this Super Bowl Sunday besides watch the game, here are a few suggestions: 

1) Watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl has long been a fun alternative to people who prefer fun and furry frivolity over rough and tumble pigskin passes.

This year’s Puppy Bowl begins at 3pm and will feature Team Fluff vs. Team Ruff fighting for the coveted “Lombarky Trophy”. 

2) Go play at the dog park

Instead of watching grown men throw a ball around, how about you get out and do some ball throwing yourself? We’re lucky down here in Florida that we can get outside almost every day of the year. 

Why not take advantage and give you and your pet some much-needed fresh air and exercise while everyone else is parked in front of their TV?

3) Go on a joy ride

Grab Cujo, hop in your golf cart or automobile, and head to one of The Villages squares for some live tunes. Surely Cujo will love the fresh air (and the attention) as you stroll around the square and maybe even show off your dance moves!

4) Train your dog’s brain with Bark Busters’ Game Changer

Entertain yourself and your dog with Bark Busters’ own brain game for dogs, the Game Changer. 

Put treats inside the disc shaped durable rubber receptacle and watch as your dog pushes, paws, and pulls the Game Changer all across the living room trying to spill the treats out through one of the holes. 

Your dog will be endlessly entertained and you’ll get a kick out of watching her as she tries to empty the Game Changer of all of its treats. 

You can order the Game Changer online via the link below, but if you order from me by Sunday, Febuary 9th, I can save you $5 off the online price. Just send me an email and I’ll get you set up.

GameChanger® Dog Toy and behavioral tool to help keep your dog entertained for hours.

As for me, well I think I’ve got some Judge Judy episodes I’ve got to catch up on. I’ll probably sit with my dogs on the couch and watch some grown men fight it out in a courtroom instead of on a field. I find that much more entertaining than football!

Wag more,

Ann Heathman

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